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We understand the connection between looking good and feeling great!

The ultimate goal of Brazilian Lashes is for women to achieve both.

Debora Bannister – Qualified Eyelash Extension Technician

I was always fascinated by beauty even from a young age when I was growing up in Rio de Janeiro. How could I not? Brazilian women really take pride in their appearance, and at the age of 17 I had my first makeup training so that I knew how I too could look my best. It was at that moment that I realized I had a calling!

“I’m passionate about helping women to change the way they look and, consequently, the way they feel”

At first this passion started with sharing my knowledge with my girlfriends and relatives but it has grown to wanting to help every women learn how she can improve her look by opening up her eyes – the gateway to your soul. And ever since I have s been passionate about helping women to enhance their best features and look their best.

How did Brazilian Lashes comes to be?

I am Brazilian and a few years ago I relocated to Australia to marry the love of my life, and start a new adventure. I wanted to ensure that I stayed in touch with my Brazilian roots and my passion for beauty, and out of that Brazilian Lashes was born. I’m a qualified Eyelash Extensions Technician and Eyebrow Shaper I have trained and become certified with Xtreme Lashes, the worldwide industry leader; and the most respected name in Eyelash Extensions.

Deb Bannister Eyelash Extension Technician

“Feel beautiful with a full set of eyelash extensions”

When you trust me to enhance your beautiful eyes you can be rest assured that you are dealing with a professionally trained technician who uses the best materials, employs the highest standard of hygiene and safety. Brazilian Lashes know that the secret to a successful and long lasting application is impeccable hygiene standards. When applying eyelash extensions we only use, single use disposable products to guard against irritation and cross-contamination

“Our clients’ health and well being is our #1 priority”

We understand the connection between looking good and feeling good and the ultimate goal of Brazilian Lashes is for women to achieve both. I love seeing the transformation in women’s faces and to watch their eyes light up because they look and feel more beautiful. Enhancing your eyes with eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping can do just that!

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