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Eyelash Extensions

There are many different types and styles of Eyelash Extensions to choose from, these range from 2D Eyelash Extensions – 6D Eyelash Extensions. We also provide refill or infills, remove eyelash extensions and can repair eyelash extensions at our studio in Rhodes, Sydney.

Our high quality Eyelash Extensions are the perfect choice for any women who wishes to look and feel more beautiful. They are also the perfect addition to those looking for:

  • bridal lashes or wedding lashes
  • glam eyelash extensions
  • longer eyelash extensions
  • thicker eyelash extensions
  • semi-permanent eyelashes
  • false eyelashes.

Checkout our affordable prices by reviewing our list of services below.

Full sets

Natural set

This set involves the application of about 70-85 eyelash extensions per eye using the Classic/One by One Technique.

The perfect set for you who wants to add some volume and length to your natural lashes.  This set will give you the most beautiful natural look for everyday wear.

Glam set

This set involves the application of about 80-115 eyelash extensions per eye using the Classic/One by One Technique. It will give you a fuller and more dramatic look.

The Glam Set still looks nice and natural since the eyelash extensions are specially chosen to suit and match your natural eyeshape but will have the extra fullness to give you a more glamorous look.

Full volume Set

This set is designed to add extra volume through the application of Volume Lashes (2D-4D). Suitable for you if you have fine and sparse natural lashes and want to add extra volume to fill in any gaps that are not covered by the Classic Technique.

This is the perfect solution for you if you have long and full or short and sparse natural lashes. It is designed to hide any gap between the lashes that could have been caused by damage from improper eyelash application or constant use of strip lashes and/or mechanical curlers. You will have a beautiful, full and dramatic result.

Super Volume Set

This set will give you the maximum volume that can be achieved with eyelash extensions and because the lashes are so fine and lightweight you will definitely have the most voluminous and natural look ever.

Lash Lift

This is the alternative treatment to eyelash extensions if you want luscious lifted lashes that will last for about 6 to 8 weeks. It is a very relaxing treatment that takes about 45 minutes and literally lift your lashes upwards, creating longer looking lashes.

Full Sets
Natural Set $165.00
Glam Set $195.00
Full Volume Set – 2D – 4D $245.00
Super Volume Set – 2D – 6D $299.00
Lash Infills
30 minutes (Classic/One by one) $70.00
45 minutes (Classic/One by one) $90.00
60 minutes (Classic/One by one) $110.00
75 minutes (Classic/One by one) $130.00
45 minutes (Volume) $110.00
60 minutes (Volume) $135.00
75 minutes (Volume) $160.00
90 minutes (Volume) $185.00
Other Lash Treatments
Lash lift $88.00
Lash lift and Colour $98.00
Lash Colour $25.00
Eyelash Removal ( Each 20 minutes ) $20.00



Special Offers – We Want to Reward You!!!

* Get 15% discount when you purchase a 5 Infills package and 20% when you purchase a 10 infills package.

* Refer a friend for Eyelash Extensions or Lash Lift and be rewarded with a $20 voucher to be redeemed on your next treatment.

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